Aquarium maintenance

A healthy beautiful aquarium starts with quality aquarium maintenance service. At each visit our service person will:

  • Clean your filter

  • Monitor, evaluate & modify your water chemistry

  • Perform a partial water change

  • Clean your glass and decorations

  • Ensure that your aquarium is running at its absolute best

Snakes Available

2021 Yucatan milk snakes- normal, vanishing pattern, patternless
2021 Stuart's milk snake
2021 Angolan pythons
2021 Dumeril's boas
2021 Mexican black kingsnakes
2021 Hypo tangerine Honduran milk snakes
Day Geckos Available
Gold Dust, females only
Robert Mertens, females only
Other Lizards Available
2021 Calico chuckwallas 
2021 Zebra skinks
Tortoises Available
African spur-thigh (sulcata)
2019 Pancake tortoise
2021 Leopard tortoises (babcock)- high yellow