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Breeding Projects

We are currently working with the following species:

Kingsnakes & Milk snakes

  • Yucatan (Blanchards) milk snake

  • Durango Mountain king snake

  • Honduran hypo tangerine milk snakes

  • Outer Banks king snakes

  • Jalisco milk snakes

  • Mexican black king snakes

  • Cosala Sinaloan milk snakes

  • Costa Rican black milk snakes

  • Hypo and albino prairie king snakes

  • T+ Nelsons milk snakes

  • Pueblan milk snakes

  • Stuart's milk snakes (Costa Rica locale)

Boas & Pythons

  • Angolan pythons

  • Dumeril's ground boa

  • Pearl Island boas

Other Snakes​​​

  • Rhino ratsnakes

  • Malagasy cat-eyed snakes, golden phase

  • Palmetto corn snakes

  • Scaleless blood red pied corn snakes

  • Het  scaleless blood-red, pied corn snakes

Day geckos (Phelsuma)     

  • Gold dust                  

  • Robert Mertens     

  • Neon day gecko (klemmeri)

  • Phelsuma madagascarensis (true blue)

Other Geckos

  • Yucatan banded gecko

  • Leachhianus, Pine Island and Nuu ami

  • Chahoua geckos, Pine Island

  • Tokay geckos

  • Giant sand geckos  (Chondrodactylus angulifer)


  • Angel Island chuckwallas

  • Calico chuckwallas


Other Lizards

  • Ornate uromastyx

  • Ocellated uromastyx

  • Banana pectinata


  • African spur-thigh (sulcata) tortoise

  • Leopard tortoise

  • Russian tortoise

  • Eastern Herman's tortoise

  • Marginated tortoise

  • Golden greek tortoise

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